What to Expect, What to Accept,
and What You Can Change
Based on a groundbreaking study of newlyweds nationwide, The First Year of Marriage has proven invaluable to thousands of newlyweds, as well as marital counselors and clergy trying to help couples navigate the conflicts, doubts, and frustrations they experience as they adjust to marriage.  Journalist and relationship expert Miriam Arond and psychiatrist Samuel L. Pauker, M.D. offer valuable insights and solutions on how to successfully deal with parents, in-laws, and stepfamilies, develop positive patterns for handling money in marriage, juggle commitment to career and each other, cultivate a fabulous married sex life, and negotiate everything from household chores to social schedules, Published in five editions, translated into numerous languages, and filled with checklists, quizzes, and worksheets, The First Year of Marriage is the comprehensive, must-read guide to helping couples set a firm foundation for a wonderful life together.
Featured on Oprah, Regis, CBS Morning Show, and dozens of other television and radio shows.
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